How to Improve the Performance of the Head Brain

From the process of aging the body, which, according to scientists, comes after 40 years, no one is insured.

However, the speed of this process depends on the type of life that he follows. For several years, Japanese scientists have conducted a study, which involved people over the age of 90, and, as you know, the citizens of this country have the longest life in the world.

It was possible to find out that mental activity contributes to the prolongation of youth, and also prevents the development of many diseases, including atherosclerosis.

Among the long-livers, most people, regardless of age, paid enough attention to the development of mental abilities. For example, a woman at 85 years of age began to study foreign languages, which positively affected the work of the brain.

Activation of this body occurs during reading, solving crossword puzzles, doing favorite things, or listening to music. Moreover, the best effect occurs at a time when new melodies sound, because this activates the work of brain convolutions.

Do not Stop Refusing From Sports Activities

In addition to doing sports, especially for game species, it positively affects the work of all organs, including the brain. About that became known after the study of eleven thousand elderly people who during the week three times at least one hour paid attention to training.

It should be taken into account that it is necessary to avoid heavy physical exertion, and this applies to all age categories, because the body needs time to fully recover.

Hem work also affects the quality of sleep, because frequent lack of sleep can cause headaches, fatigue, irritability, and accelerate the aging of cells.

Older people are advised not to give up an afternoon nap, but its duration should not exceed two hours, because it can cause night insomnia. Also, do not forget that daily walks and diet are a very important factor affecting the health of any person.