How to Forecast a Husband’s Behavior?

Men who allow themselves to scream at their wives always adhere to only two motivations: either they just stopped loving their wife and screaming just for any reason, or he really wants her to change in some question and become much better.

There remains only one question for the second scenario, but for whom is it better?

Women can rarely give a worthy rebuff before the influx of expressive phrases expressed in their address. And quite often as a revenge use silence for several days. But if a man cried out, then the next few days will behave just fine, trying to make up for it, even if he does not feel guilty.

Family life, a very difficult thing. And those who have learned to manage it, should always remember that the road to happiness is winding and thorny, so do not relax.

The best weapon of a woman during an argument is the ability not to hear everything that her beloved husband tells her. You can carefully look at it and at this time just humming a song in your head, and when he calms down, too, calmly continue to do your household chores.

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