How to Extend the Years of Your Life

In order to extend the years of life, and everyone dreams about it, it is enough just to follow some advice that scientists from the UK recommend.

After a series of studies, they managed to establish that some habits contribute to longevity, therefore, even slightly changing the way of life, you can live longer for several years. During the experiment, participants of which were people of different age categories and estates, it was found out that the life expectancy of single people is on average shorter by six years.

In order for this not to happen, it is necessary to meet as often as possible with friends, take part in cultural and sporting events, as well as visit theaters, exhibitions and other public places where you will be in society.

The positive effect, both on the nervous system and on the whole organism, is provided by travel, during which one can get a lot of pleasant impressions, not to mention new acquaintances.

It is necessary to avoid loneliness

In order not to feel lonely, experts recommend starting a pet, the best dog. In addition to the fact that this faithful four-legged friend will always look forward to your arrival from work, daily walks with him will make you more likely to be outdoors, and thanks to activity, you will be able to avoid the appearance of excess weight.

In order to avoid problems with the work of the heart, and, as is known this body plays the main role in human life, it is necessary to give up smoking and alcohol abuse. It has been scientifically proven that people who do not have bad habits live at least ten years longer.

An important factor is nutrition, because people who eat vegetables, fruits and greens on a daily basis suffer from heart diseases less often, because of these products they receive enough fiber, vitamins and other nutrients. In order not only to be always in good physical shape, but also to have excellent health, do not forget about sports activities, moreover, you should train daily, regardless of weather and mood.

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