How to Explain the Concept of Love Psychologists

Very often a person is asked the same question, but what is love, and why is it so different in the understanding of each person.

It turns out that the feeling of love from the science of psychology means that at birth, when a person needs care, affection and warm relations, he receives them and gives them to his parents.

This is called love. But after all, everyone had their own childhood and in most cases, hidden stones do not come out to the light of every family. So it turns out that the understanding of all people about a feeling called love is different.

It is wonderful when a man and a woman grew up in approximately the same conditions, and parents gave them enough attention and care so that when they grew up they felt the need to give the same kindness and attention to their children. In this case, ideal families are obtained in all senses.

And they have again born happy children with a wonderful childhood. It’s a pity that only those children who by the will of fate fell into the hands of evil and greedy parents. So their further life can be predicted a little.

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