How to Choose the Right Between Sports and the Child

Women who do not represent their life without sports, very often think about conceiving a child, which can cause the missed training for a fairly long period of time.

And professional athletes, very often refuse children under the age of thirty, so as not to harm their career.

Though after thirty already eighty percent from them can not become pregnant or bear a child without pathologies. That’s where the question arises: what is more important for a woman in a particular case: a career or the creation of a family and the birth of her children?

Unfortunately, many choose a career, not realizing the importance of this choice. And after the career growth at the port stops and they need to recognize that age no longer allows them to be at the peak of their fame, most of these athletes begin to attend women’s counseling with an enviable regularity and pray to God to be able to independently give birth to a child. Such a choice is given very uneasy especially to those who immediately understand that one day the career will end, but with it women’s health can also go away.