How to Care for a Baby’s Skin

In children’s polyclinics lead more and more the number of kids who have a problem with the skin.

According to experts, the reason for this are the cosmetic products that parents use when caring for a child. On the packaging of cosmetics for children there are always signs, for what age it is intended, so buying it, always pay special attention to it. Sometimes in children, some products can cause allergies, so for them it is better to stop the choice on medical cosmetics.

It should be taken into account that if the baby is healthy, then he absolutely does not need various creams, powders, but enough, only water and baby soap, because the delicate skin of the child can get chemicals used in making cosmetics.

With the advent of wet wipes, many mothers use them to wipe their hands on a toddler while walking, which is very convenient, because you do not have to carry a bun with water and soap.

However, children’s pediatricians warn that it is impossible to replace baby’s wash with such napkins.

Correctly Select Children’s Cosmetics

Many parents know how difficult it is sometimes to wash a child’s head with a shampoo, because tears and screaming can not be avoided. Currently, a wide selection of shampoos for children is offered, including those on which it is written that they do not cause tears.

Applying this remedy during bathing, you can avoid the vagaries of the baby, but remember that it contains sodium laureth sulfate, which can cause skin irritation, and do not forget that it is not recommended to wash your baby’s head more than once a week.

When buying children’s cosmetics, it is better to choose the one in which natural oils, such as sea-buckthorn, olive and others, are added, because they contain vitamins. To avoid diaper rash in the baby, it is necessary to use the powder, and choose only those producers whose products have already been tested. Do not abuse powder, because a small amount is enough to avoid irritation of the skin, while remember that it does not work throughout the day, but only a few hours.

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