How to Avoid the Autumn Cold

With the onset of autumn, not only the temperature of the air decreases, but rains are often observed, which increases the risk of catarrhal diseases.

Maybe that’s why, experts recommend at this time to observe precautions, especially those people who suffer from various chronic diseases, as a result of which their immunity is weakened.

The same applies to elderly people and children, because, according to statistics, they are more likely to get sick during this time of year.

The fact is that in the summer the body gets used to hot weather, and a sharp temperature change negatively affects primarily the vessels, as a result of which the blood supply deteriorates.

And this means that all organs do not receive the necessary amount of useful substances, which ultimately reduces the protective functions of the body. In the fall, people often get caught in the rain, leading to a runny nose, coughing, and inflammatory processes of the respiratory system, and if at the time of starting treatment, there may be complications accompanied by high body temperature and other health problems.

Do not allow Leg Dangling

Maybe that’s why, with changing weather conditions, you need to pay attention to the correct selection of shoes and clothes, and also, leaving the house, do not forget about the umbrella, given the rapid variability of the weather.

The condition of the feet depends on the quality of the footwear, and if they get wet, then, in addition to colds, the risk of arthritis, cystitis, and rhinitis increases, which naturally reduces the work capacity, causes pain and worsens the quality of life.

If, for whatever reason, you are exposed to rain and greatly helped, then when you come home, you should immediately change clothes, because, for a long time in wet clothes, can lead to hypothermia of the body.

In order to warm faster, it is good to drink hot tea, preferably with the addition of honey and lemon juice, or even better to prepare a decoction of herbs that have anti-cold properties. A good option is to take a foot bath, in which to add a little dry mustard.