How to Achieve a Healthy Sleep in Children

When raising children, all parents have a great responsibility, because they have to take care not only of developing the child’s mental abilities, but also of his health, which depends on proper nutrition, healthy lifestyle, and leisure and recreation.

One of the important components of maintaining good health in a good form is a dream, because of its quality depends on the overall health of the baby.

In order for the child not to have insomnia and during the night sleep, he could regain strength, it is necessary to follow certain recommendations.

One of them is the daily routine, according to which the child should at the same time eat, go to bed and wake up, especially this applies to children of kindergarten age and schoolchildren.

It is necessary to Create Favorable Conditions

In the children’s bedroom, the temperature of the air should not be more than 20 degrees, while a few minutes before bedtime, it is essential to ventilate the room, regardless of the weather conditions. In addition, depending on the time of the year, it is necessary to choose the right clothes for sleep, so that the children feel comfortable in it.

As much as possible, spend more time with the child in the open air, where you organize active entertainment games, during which he moves more. As a rule, after such walks, he increases his appetite and sleep improves.

Do not allow children to play computer games or watch any programs shortly before sleep, because they will be overexcited, which will prevent fast falling asleep.

It is also desirable that his room was quiet, and there was no light, so parents should not sit for a long time in front of the TV or computer, if they are here.

The child’s dinner should consist of easily digestible food, for example casserole from cottage cheese or ragout from vegetables, and as a drink to prefer milk, which not only enriches its body with calcium and other useful substances, but also positively affects the quality of sleep, because it has soothing properties . But it is better to refuse tea at least three hours before bedtime.

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