How the Kid Should Be 2 Years Old

Many parents who raise young children are arguing about what the child’s diet should be, because depending on the age, his menu changes.

This article will deal with proper nutrition for children who have not yet reached the age of two, because their diet is different from adults. The fact is that their body is not yet fully formed, so it is sensitive to certain foods, which can worsen the condition of the child when used.

Despite the fact that vegetables and fruits are healthy, it is better not to give grapes and melons to those children, because, gas formation increases, which leads to an additional load on the pancreas.

Contraindicated Eating Some Fruits

After eating such fruits, babies often have colic in the abdomen, as well as eructation and weakness, resulting in the child becoming moody. The same goes for the confectionery, which is prepared from a dough, because, in addition to bloating, constipation also causes pain.

Despite the fact that all children like sweets, especially chocolate, do not give it to young children, because this product, prepared from cocoa beans, can cause allergies, and lead to overexcitation of the nervous system.

Meat and fish should be present in the baby’s diet, because these foods are rich in protein, fatty acids and other useful substances, but broths should be excluded, replacing them with vegetable soups.

Most children love seafood such as squid, shrimp and other delicacies, but remember that all these products are difficult to digest, which can lead to digestion disorders not only in the child, but also in the adult. In the fish of any fish contains protein, which is necessary for the development of the body, but in this product it is in large quantities, which is undesirable for babies. This list also includes mushrooms, which medical experts are not advised to give, not only to a two-year-old child, but also to children under seven. In addition to being classified as heavy products, fungi also absorb harmful substances that can lead to poisoning.

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