How Secure is Plastic Cookware

Nowadays, plastic has been widely used, and it is not surprising, because it is cheaper than natural materials, while it is of good quality. Plastic windows, doors, pipes are often used in the construction of buildings.

In addition, various household items are made of plastic, including dishes and containers designed to store food. Many housewives prefer to use such a container, which tightly closes, so that the products do not absorb foreign smells, and also does not take up much space on the shelves of the refrigerator.

In addition, unlike glassware, it is lighter, and not so fragile, so you can use it, you can trust even small children.

However, among the positive properties of plastic containers, there are also negative sides. The fact is that the process of bacterial multiplication accelerates in plastic vessels, which leads to rapid deterioration of some products.

Products That Can not Be Store In This Tare

In order to avoid poisoning, the specialists compiled a list of products that can not be stored in such a container. One of them are eggs, as well as dishes in which they are as components, because in such dishes the coliform and bacteria such as salmonella reproduce more rapidly. It is best to store them in a package that contains ice.

Any meat products that have been processed should not be stored in plastic containers, because not only its taste qualities will deteriorate, but the quantity of nutrients will decrease, which means that such food becomes less useful.

It is not recommended to use plastic bottles for storage of milk and products prepared from it, because in them food quickly decomposes and after its use can occur stomach pain. For the storage of dairy products it is better to use a container of glass or enamelware. As for soups, tea, coffee and other drinks, such storage does not cause health hazards, provided that they are placed in a plastic container only after they have cooled down.

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