How Not to Deteriorate the Condition in the Time of Heat

Summer is the time of the year when you can swim, sunbathe, and also spend an overnight trip in hiking, during which it becomes possible to cook food on coals, communicate with nature, breathe fresh air and for a long time recharge.

However, at this time, very hot weather often occurs, which negatively affects the health of people suffering from chronic diseases, especially the cores. In order to make it easier to transfer the heat, experts recommend that you follow certain tips.

The fact is that on such days many people suffer from insomnia, because, being in a stuffy bedroom, they often wake up, as a result of which they wake up with a headache in the morning and feel tired during the day.

To avoid this, a wet cleaning is necessary shortly before sleep, thanks to which the air in the room will be clean and fresh.

Do Not Allow Dehydration

Usually, in the heat of people, there is increased sweating, which contributes to the removal of a large amount of fluid from the body, and if you do not replenish its supply, it can lead to dehydration.

To prevent this, it is necessary to take a few sips every half hour, preferably mineral and not carbonated, so when you go to work, shop and elsewhere, you should always have a bottle of mineral water.

Naturally, there can be no question of alcohol consumption, because as in the heat, the negative impact of such drinks on the brain increases several times.

In addition, at high temperatures, people get drunk faster, even from a small dose of alcohol, and in this state it is more difficult for them to control their behavior during rest. It is known that most accidents during bathing in reservoirs and getting a heat stroke occur with drunken people.

Do not forget that from eleven in the morning to three in the afternoon, the hottest weather, so at this time it is better not to go out and especially not to sunbathe, because you can not get, just burned the skin, but also a heat stroke.

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