How Not to Allow Loneliness

With the improvement in the economic situation, which has been observed in many European countries for several years, people have become financially independent, and this is one of the factors that influence the growing number of single people, and not only elderly people, but and youth.

Scientists have proved that such a way of life primarily affects the psychological state negatively, and it becomes more active with age.

Most often this applies to citizens living in large cities, despite the fact that they are given a great opportunity to communicate, attend entertainment and cultural events, not to mention the fact that you can just arrange a shopping.

Despite this, a certain category of people often have a feeling that everyone is supposed to communicate, and they are alone, which naturally affects the work of the central nervous system.

Every third adult sometimes feels lonely

According to statistics, one in three adults periodically encounter the problem of loneliness, as a result of which their working capacity decreases, as well as the activity of the brain, not to mention the fact that in such a state immunity decreases, so they are more often subjected to various diseases.

In addition, prolonged stay in this state is one of the main reasons for the appearance of depression, which one can not always get rid of independently.

If elderly people, left alone, prefer to have pets, most often cats and dogs, which has a favorable effect on their physical and psychological state, this is not enough for working citizens. In order to prevent this, in addition to a wide range of communication, it is worth paying attention to your own perception of the events taking place around you.

Most often single people are those who for some reason try to spend more time in solitude, reading books, doing needlework, as well as those people who notice only negative aspects in people. And, it does not concern only colleagues at work, but also relatives and friends.

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