How Much Can You Play On a Smartphone Teenagers

American scientists came to the conclusion that smartphones are very bad for the human psyche, and even more so for teenagers.

They had a direct dependence on the time spent at the screen, to suicidal thoughts.

This is especially true for girls who try to associate themselves with world celebrities and, in case of failure, can go and cut their own veins. But this can be avoided if the parents begin to limit the time of using the smartphone.

And if parents become more attentive to their teenage children, it is possible that their lives will be completely safe, especially when they are next to their parents. Of course, it is impossible to follow what the child does in school, but it’s worth more explaining why you do not allow him to play much.

Talk to your child and he will understand you. The main thing is not to press, but to give yourself the opportunity to learn the lessons that you give to him with life. The words of parents should always be something of a law, but at the same time, the child must understand what he is doing and why.

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