How Longer To Save Youth

Every person dreams to live as long as possible, while suffering less from various diseases.

From the aging of the body can not be avoided, but from each of us depends on how fast it will progress.

Scientists are constantly conducting research involving people over a hundred years old in order to determine what way of life should be conducted in order to achieve such results.

One of the unique cases is observed in China, where a 50 year old woman, both externally and for health reasons, looks no older than 25 years of age. At the moment she leads an active lifestyle, travels, visiting different countries, while not complaining about health.

Factors Affecting Health Status

When talking to her, it became clear that since her youth she had paid attention to proper nutrition, including as much plant food as possible in the diet, but consumed meat in small quantities. At the same time completely refused from fried and heavy food, not to mention those products that contain chemical additives.

As for drinks, it prefers green tea and clean water, because they have the property of purifying the body of harmful accumulations.

Despite this age, during a week she visits the fitness club at least three times, which makes it possible to avoid the appearance of excess weight, as well as improve blood supply, not to mention the positive effects on the work of the heart, the brain and other organs.

Regardless of the weather conditions, the Chinese woman is constantly engaged in swimming, both in open water and in the pool, which also positively affects the overall health.

In order to strengthen immunity, Liu Elin swims in icy water, but many experts argue that such exercises are not suitable for everyone, because in people who have chronic heart disease, respiratory system, sudden changes in temperature can cause a vasospasm. It is worth noting that the Chinese woman often smiles, which gives her the opportunity to maintain a good mood throughout the day.

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