How Laughter Affects the Work of the Organism

Over a long period of time, Japanese scientists conducted a study to determine how laughter affects the psychological and physical condition of a person.

It turned out that those people who often laugh, are more healthy and less likely to suffer from various diseases. Moreover, even daily frequent smiles favorably influence the central nervous system.

During the laughter, all parts of the brain are involved, as a result of which, its performance improves, memory and ingenuity improve.

It also turned out that laughter contributes to the burning of calories, which is an important factor for those people who are overweight. The study revealed that within fifteen minutes of intense laughter, up to 40 calories disappear. Laughter contributes to the production of T-cells and antibodies, which strengthen the body’s defenses in opposing various diseases. Thus, we can safely say that laughter contributes to the strengthening of immunity.

It Promotes Nerve Stress Relieving

An important factor is that it relieves nervous tension and prevents the development of depression. Maybe that’s why, in cases when there is a feeling of anxiety and excitement, the best option is laughter, due to which the muscles will relax and the general tone of the body will increase. However, it is worth remembering that laughter, like the use of useful products, has a positive effect in case of compliance.

The fact is that laughter for a long time can provoke a change in blood pressure, which is relevant for the category of people who suffer from hypertension.

Scientists also argue that with the help of laughter you can get rid of the complex of self-doubt and in case of need to relieve tension. Some people believe that laughter provokes the emergence of additional wrinkles, but this is not entirely correct opinion, because during laughter all the facial muscles are involved, so that the skin becomes more elastic. Many noticed that after hearing contagious laughter, they involuntarily begin to smile.

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