Heart Can Rejuvenate

As you know, the human heart is a muscle that needs to be trained also, ka and all the rest throughout life.

If a person is active enough and has no problems with the cardiovascular system, then he can simply maintain this state throughout his life.

But to date, physical activity has ceased to be the only way to rejuvenate the heart muscle. Scientists have found a method of growing stem cells that, when inserted into the human heart, completely replace bad cells and enable the body to function with renewed vigor.

Experiments that were conducted on laboratory rats showed that after such a method, physical endurance in rodents increased, which may indicate a positive result of the introduction of stem cells.

On a person, not a single cell has been tested so far because the scientists did not fully investigate the whole spectrum of influence and possible side effects from this innovation. But, in their opinion, this will happen in the near future.

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