Health Must Sign About Happiness

A lot of people can say with confidence that when they are healthy, they can feel not just comfortable, but also happily.

Remember when you were last ill and what feelings you had. Surely you were not pleased, although you can say that each person experiences certain comforts.

Children of school age, very often pretend that they are sick only in order not to go to school and spend a little time at home, where mother will take care of them.

And if you have a similar situation in your family, you should seriously think about the fact that the child simply does not feel much attention from the parents and they invented illnesses trying to turn it on themselves. Try to walk as often as possible with your children, read books to them and perform development tasks, so that they feel their need for your life.

When a child has everything in his childhood to make him feel comfortable, and most importantly the love of his parents, they will not want to invent anything more about their health.

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