Harm to Health from Eyelash Extension

Any woman, regardless of age, does everything possible to be beautiful and attractive, not sparing neither time nor money for this.

In addition, some of them agree to perform plastic surgery, risking their health, knowing that often there are cases when after such operations can not only worsen the appearance, but also cause harm.

However, there are some procedures by which you can get rid of wrinkles and look younger than their years.

One of them is the eyelash extension, which has been used by more and more representatives of the fair sex lately. If such a procedure is done in beauty salons, where highly qualified specialists work, then this does not pose any danger, if there is no allergy to glue and other materials, it should not be forgotten that the lashes fall out.

Procedure Can Cause Not Only Allergies

In addition, the glue can damage the skin of the eyelids, especially if the product is of poor quality. Often there are cases when after the build-up there is redness of the skin, as well as burns and inflammation.

If you, nevertheless decided to increase eyelashes, it is worth remembering that they should also be removed in the cabin, and not by yourself, the fact is that the master applies special means that easily dissolve the glue, so you can remove the eyelashes without damaging your own.

In addition to eyelashes, increasing popularity is gaining nails. It is also worth remembering that during such a procedure, there is a possibility of infection, if the instrument has been poorly processed.

Scientists have long proven that in order to look younger as long as possible, it is enough to lead an active lifestyle, go in for sports, adhere to dietary nutrition, so that extra pounds do not appear, and also give enough time to rest, including sleep, during which the whole organism is restored. Moreover, it is recommended to start looking after your health and appearance from a young age, which will make it possible to feel physically fit and increase your life expectancy.

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