Harm From Re-Boiled Water – Myth or Truth?

For a person to work properly, a person needs a sufficient amount of clean water, which not only maintains the water balance, but also helps to eliminate toxins, slags and other harmful accumulations, and improves the metabolism, which is an important factor.

Everyone knows that drinking tap water in the raw form is strictly forbidden, because there are many different microbes and bacteria in it, which can cause a number of diseases.

To avoid this, it is recommended to boil it, because, under the influence of heat, most of them die. Recently, quite often, the question is being discussed whether the repeatedly boiled water harms the health. In this regard, there are different opinions of specialists, and if some claim that this is nothing more than a myth, many doctors advise preparing tea, coffee and other drinks only from the water that boiled once.

In Water, Boiled Several Times, Harmful Compounds Are Formed

Such a statement is caused by the fact that in water boiled two or more times, compounds are formed that adversely affect the health status, so every time before brewing tea, it is necessary to fill the kettle with raw water, at the same time it should boil an average of seven minutes .

This is due to the fact that water boiled a few times, loses its useful properties, in addition, there is a taste of iron, and the concentration of carcinogens that contribute to the development of cancerous tumors increases. Such water instead of good causes harm to health, so specialists suggest adhering to some recommendations.

Firstly, before pouring water into the kettle, which must be fresh, it is necessary to pour out the remains of boiled water from it. To clean the water should use a filter, and if not, then at least let it stand for a few hours.

If you use a thermos for preparation of tea and different infusions, then fill its contents with boiling water, tightly close the stopper not earlier than five minutes. Physicians are also advised to drink boiled water in a refrigerated state, while in no case do not add crude to it, because in such cases a large amount of harmful salts is formed in the liquid.