Hair Health – The Result of Good Mood, And On the contrary

For sure, each owner of long hair and not very long watched the fall of active loss of their precious hair.

Indeed, the fact that with the onset of autumn hair begins to pour actively – a fact.

This happens for several reasons. Some of them are external aggressive factors, such as temperature drop, the effect of central heating, headgear, etc. But there are also causes coming from within the body, for example, hormonal failure.

It is in autumn that there is a reduction in women of important hormones – estrogens. This substance, just, and is responsible for a luxurious mop of hair, and with the onset of cold weather, its production is significantly reduced. Reduction of the light day helps to slow the development of another important hormone, which is responsible for the overall positive state of health – serotonin. A bad mood is usually accompanied by angry splashes, which lead to a narrowing of the vessels. As a result, the hair follicle bulbs receive less necessary elements.

Therefore, it is recommended to provide yourself and your loved ones a hilarious pastime. As we can see, our beauty and health directly depend on it.

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