Habits Affecting Improving the Health Status

Chinese scientists have been conducting research over a long period of time to determine which habits affect the overall health and well-being.

It turned out that the most important of them is the observance of proper nutrition, as well as the ability to cope with nervous stress.

It is well known that some diseases occur due to constant nervous stress, for example, duodenal ulcer in 40% of cases develops due to being in a state of depression. In our time, it is almost impossible to avoid stressful situations, so it is necessary to do everything possible to maintain the central nervous system in good condition.

For this it is recommended to rest more, to monitor the quality of sleep, the duration of which should be at least eight hours a day, and also more often travel.

To quickly relieve nervous tension well suited to listening to good music, drawing by solving crossword puzzles or other favorite thing that will distract from negative thoughts.

It also became known that catching fish and collecting mushrooms positively affects the psychological state, so do not miss the opportunity to go on a day off to nature. As for nutrition, first you should not allow dehydration, for which you need to drink at least two liters of clean water every day, without taking into account tea, coffee and other beverages.

Do not Let Organism Dehydrate

Specialists managed to establish that water dilutes the blood, resulting in a decrease in the level of sugar, and also normalizes blood pressure and reduces the risk of blood clots.

Among the products that need to be included more often in the diet to maintain the normal functioning of the body, are vegetables, fruits, berries, greens, as well as dairy and fish products.

You should not abandon meat, preferring chicken, turkey, but red varieties should also not be abandoned, because this can lead to disruption of the metabolic process. Meat products that have undergone industrial processing contain a lot of harmful substances in their composition, so it is better to completely eliminate sausages from the menu.