Green Very Helpful For Health

All dieticians unanimously assert that the greens growing in our area, for example, dill, parsley, coriander, as well as leaf lettuce, celery and others, have a huge number of useful properties.

It is well known that an insufficient amount of vitamins in the body reduces immunity, as a result of which it becomes the most vulnerable to viral and infectious diseases.

To prevent this, experts recommend daily include these plants in the diet, especially in the summer, when they differ in the high content of vitamins.

Than Fresh Greens, Those Are More in Her Useful Properties

It is worth noting that, depending on how fresh the greens are, valuable properties depend, because, just a few hours after its cutting, there are no more than 30% of vitamins in it. One of the most common plants is dill. Because of the high content of fiber, the process of digestion of food is accelerated, thereby reducing the burden on the stomach. In addition, it normalizes blood pressure in people suffering from hypertension, and also positively affects the work of the heart and promotes the removal of inflammatory processes.

In addition, that dill favorably affects the work of the brain, it also helps to normalize sleep, which is an important factor in our time, when many people suffer from insomnia.

With regard to leaf lettuce, it contains substances that impede the development of cancer cells, and it is also recommended to use in diseases of the thyroid gland, because it is rich in iodine, insomnia, to reduce pressure and improve efficiency. To strengthen the nails and improve the condition of the hair it is worth leaning on the green onions, which, thanks to zinc and calcium, stimulate their growth. In addition, it is also a natural antibiotic, so for cold and viral diseases it is an indispensable medicine. People who suffer from peptic ulcer diseases of the stomach and intestines are recommended to consume greens of coriander, which also reduces inflammatory processes in the body.

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