Grapefruit Juice Prevents Osteoporosis

Recently, people of 50 years of age and older are increasingly experiencing a disease such as osteoporosis, in which the bone density decreases, which causes them to become more fragile and more frequent cases of fractures of the vertebrae, hip neck and others.

As it became known from the data received from scientists from Texas who conducted the experiment, in order to prevent the appearance of such a disease, you must regularly drink grapefruit or orange juice. Experts say that fruit and vegetable juices have a positive effect on improving health.

It should be taken into account that we are talking about juices that are prepared on their own, and not about packaged juices offered in stores, because they contain a lot of sugar or its substitutes.

And this is not to mention that some manufacturers use various additives to enhance the taste.

Nutritionists Advise More Frequently to Drink Vegetable and Fruit Juices

Nutritionists gave brief information about some juices, which, thanks to the large content of trace elements, improve overall health. So, for example, if pomegranate juice positively influences blood composition, raises hemoglobin and replenishes the body with iron stores, then orange juice strengthens the immune system and cleanses the blood.

Juice made from apples, regardless of the variety, prevents the appearance of kidney stones, but the grape improves the work of the heart and brain, so it is especially useful for the elderly and children.

Particular attention should be paid to cherry juice, which can be used to accelerate metabolism, improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, and increase appetite and, most importantly, lower cholesterol.

Due to the large content of antioxidants, regularly drinking juice from cherries can lose weight, get rid of insomnia and improve the overall condition. With regard to vegetable juices, for example, carrots, improves the quality of vision and has properties that counteract the occurrence of cancerous tumors, while beet juice improves digestion and prevents the appearance of hormonal failure.

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