Getting Married By Love

Modern girls increasingly prefer pure calculation instead of love. They do not realize the full weight of the decision so taken.

After all, when a person with whom you do not love is lying next to you, you can endure it for about six months, and then there will begin a complaint that he is not asleep, lying, walking and breathing.

This will irritate not only you, but soon it will.

And a year later, you do not want his money, and will be disgusted with only one species.

Therefore, before you marry an unloved person, you need to think very carefully and it is possible to get acquainted with the stories of the girls who have already passed this way. But when you get married, be sure to try to get used to the idea that this person will be very close to you for a very long time.

And if initially you agree to put up with his habits, then maybe even after a while you can love him.

Love and marriage by calculation are always closely related, because they can perfectly characterize a person and his personal qualities.

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