Genetics – Do not Worth It

According to scientists after they had a successful experiment with the human gene pool and at the level of the embryo exchanging several chromosomes, they began to think about their actions in order to avoid the development of a chronic disease that was inherited.

The fact is that in nature all processes are interrelated, which means that if the course of development of natural phenomena is changed, it is possible to completely change the whole of mankind.

If a person with a certain kind of mutation is born, it means that nature needed it so, and by interfering in this process, humanity itself doesoms itself to unknown consequences associated with further development and life activity.

Of course, the fact that you can now completely control how a person will be born will bring astounding delight. To some extent, this means that humanity can soon consist exclusively of ideal people without genetically transmitted diseases, which means that the life expectancy will grow, which can not but affect the entire world history and population.

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