Gas From Exhaust Pipe Very Dangerous To The Brain

It turns out that after the research was carried out it was found out that the effect of exhaust gases on the human brain is very large.

They are able to completely atrophy some areas of the brain, and at the same time completely unnoticeable to humans.

The smallest particles penetrate so deep that even a long stay after that in the fresh air can lead to a deterioration of well-being, and after that, and a poor orientation in space. That’s why, if you accidentally inhaled exhaust fumes, you need to be outdoors as soon as possible. And it is better to avoid situations when you are forced to inhale such non-clean air.

Most of the people who took part in the test, certainly did not breathe more exhaust fumes than allowed, but still after that they could not recover for a long time and sharpen their eyesight. After all, brain work can be paralyzed on any site, and you can not know in advance what will be damaged. Just step aside and do not inhale when the car stops near you.

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