From the Quality of Sleep Depends Health Status

Good state of health and health depends on many factors, one of which is sleep.

The fact is that the time of night rest the consciousness of a person is disconnected from the influence of the external environment, while the brain is working hard. During sleep, the human psyche is unloaded, so that it rests and receives a charge of vigor and energy, so that throughout the day there is increased performance.

However, according to somnologists, specialists who are studying sleep, a large number of people in the world suffer from insomnia, the reasons for which are different.

Most often, difficulties with falling asleep are experienced by people who are constantly in a tense rhythm and often fall into stressful situations. This is especially true for residents of large megacities, where people are exposed to a lot of artificial lighting, air pollution, as well as the constant fuss that occurs in urban transport, shops and other public places.

Causes Causing Lack of Sleep

Lack of sleep can also occur due to constant overwork, against the background of which there is an anxious state, irritability, which eventually causes depression. Very often, sleep disorders occur in people who suffer from alcohol or drug dependence. In addition, the cause may be side effects of some medications, as well as stuffy rooms, uncomfortable bedding, and more.

Whatever the reasons, it is known that the body of a person who sleeps less than normal, and as it is known for adults, it should be at least seven hours, cause great harm.

In order to prevent the occurrence of insomnia, you must adhere to the right daily routine, lead a more active lifestyle, because moderate physical activity positively affects the quality of sleep. Do not abuse beverages with a high content of caffeine, and preferably give preference to green tea, herbal decoctions, which soothingly act on the nervous system. Often, be in the fresh air, and especially useful for evening walks, thanks to which you can not only improve sleep, but also not allow the appearance of excess weight.

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