From Infertility To Cancer

Recently, researchers from the United States of America, who are studying women’s health problems, have concluded that infertility increases the risk of oncological diseases.

They believe that the failure of the processes responsible for the ability of the female body to produce offspring can be caused by the same reasons as in the formation of cancer cells.

A number of observations confirmed that women who do not and can not have children are more than 10% at risk of cancer. Also, the development of diabetes mellitus in this group of women occurs more often than in those whose reproductive function remains normal. Scientists adhere to the opinion that this causes a regular pattern of inflammatory processes in the body and a violation of the hormonal background.

At the moment, the US continues to observe the statistics of infertile women and conduct a detailed analysis of the overall picture of their body. After completing their research, the scientists of the scientific branch promulgate confirmation or refutation of the theory.