Frequent Use of Sausage Deteriorates the Work of the Heart

American scientists say that the category of people who often eat sausages and other types of processed meat products, the risk of developing heart disease is not increased by 20%.

The main reason for this is that such products, as a rule, contain a lot of salt in their composition, and, as is known, excessive consumption of this mineral slows the process of removing fluid from the body and worsens the condition of blood vessels.

In addition, sausage manufacturers use various additives in the form of soy, palm oil, as well as chemicals that improve taste and extend shelf life.

This is especially true for cheap varieties of such products. As for smoked delicacies, it is better to completely abandon them, because in our time, instead of smoke, a special liquid is often used, which negatively affects the work of the stomach and intestines, provoking the appearance of various diseases, including cancer. If you can not do without sausage, then you should give preference to high-quality products, paying attention to its composition.

You Should Give Preference to Meat

However, the best option is the use of natural meat, and, this applies not only to birds, but also red varieties, which should periodically be present in the diet. According to nutritionists, they contain not only a lot of protein, but also other components that give energy, and also speed up the process of metabolism.

Scientifically proven that those people who refuse from products of animal origin, most often suffer from depression, which is also an important factor in our days.

It should be taken into account that not only the type of meat, but also the ways of its preparation have an effect on health, therefore it is recommended to boil or bake in the oven as often as possible.

As for meat fried in coals, it is often not recommended to use it. Also do not forget that in sausage sausages also contain chemicals, so try to include as little as possible and include ration, especially those who suffer from heart failure.