Fragrant Tea For Weight Loss

In ancient times it was believed that the root of ginger – a substance created by a magical ritual or alien mind.

Its use is simply stunning. In addition to health benefits and immunity strengthening, with regular use of the product, you can lose extra pounds. What does this happen without sacrifice.

A mug of fragrant warming tea, with the addition of ginger in it – a delicious remedy that breaks down excess fat. For the preparation of a useful drink, we need 1 teaspoon ground to a gruel-like consistency of ginger root, a slice of lemon, 2 tablespoons of honey and a standard glass of just boiling water.

Fill ginger with water, brought to a boil and leave it languishing for a few minutes, but not less than ten. Then we add honey, lemon to tea and enjoy an excellent combination of three flavors – spicy, sour and sweet. This mixture starts the metabolism and literally splits, and removes from the body unnecessary kilograms of excess weight. For a noticeable effect, you need to drink a few glasses throughout the day.

Preferably before meals. Drink reduces appetite and promotes early saturation.

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