First Love Is Never Forgeted

The psychology of a person is so unknown to science that we are part of our vital activity, that scientists say that even one percent could not understand how our brain works and what can be expected of it in the next second.

Thus, no one can understand why our memory is so selective and on what basis it forms Tibettea Active Joint comentarii România memories.

It has long been known that we do not really forget anything, it’s just that the brain tries to unload itself from unnecessary information and therefore does not even seek to reproduce every day what it does not need.

He treats very strictly the issues of the personal plan, which, for example, I would like to forget forever and never again remember and do not experience again and again Tibettea Active Joint comentários Portugal those feelings that left a deep imprint in my soul, but memory, on the contrary, at every convenient moment, tries to reproduce in thought all up to the smallest detail, in order to hit the back as painfully as possible.

Many people do not allow themselves to say what they think aloud, especially if this information does not bring any benefit to their current situation.

The Feelings That You Experience For The First Time

It is very difficult to understand why the first love is not forgotten by men or women. After all, most often it is unrequited and sad. Although for some, the first love ends with a wedding and a happy life together.

But the memory will eventually sooner or later start to reproduce pictures from a youth, when all feelings were heated to the limit and bare like wires. When every touch Tibettea Active Joint recenzje Polska of a loved one was perceived with a tremor in his legs and his heart quietly died from his kiss.

And even those who have the first happy love, she still remembers all her life, as if the most romantic and ideal beginning of the fairy tale in which this family lives now, having already their children and giving them all the tenderness and care that was once with an excess was for two.

The memory of a woman is based more on the feelings and emotions that she experienced at one time or another. But men often remember something related to numbers and Tibettea Active Joint recenze Česká other hobbies. In this regard, and it turns out that women remember much more of this, that they are upset or greatly pleased, but men are only a dry statistics from their lives.

And this significantly affects the relationship, when a woman tries to shift her experiences to male psychology, and he simply does not understand even what she is talking Tibettea Active Joint Bewertungen Österreich about. One must always remember that memory is selective not only on the basis of gender, but also for each individual. In some cases, even experiencing the same events, people can remember about them in various ways and accordingly tell them.