Female Happiness, Always Multifaceted

It is very much possible to write good words about the fact that women by their nature are rather simple in their own understanding of the happiness they seek to receive throughout their life.

And if by the age of thirty people come to understand that happiness is in your hands, then we can assume that life was a success.

But the older the woman becomes, the more happiness she gets more outlines and fewer variations.

And when at last thirty-five, the majority of women who do not have children, only dream about it, but those who have already managed to acquire them, understand that the best is easy and not worth it.

After all, only children can always fulfill your most cherished dreams. They again bring you back to childhood, and give an incredible sense of ease and immense peace that life is still a success. And the fact that you do not sleep for days, absolutely does not matter, because in your heart there is a love for this tiny person who sees in you his whole world. That’s the answer to all the questions that concern women’s happiness.

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