Female Erotic Dreams Very Different From Male

Scientists have found that when men dream of erotic dreams, they often see a concrete woman in a dream, and an image of an ideal combination of a beautiful body and the ability to deliver a man a pleasure.

Another feature of male sexual life is that they are able during sex to represent anyone before them.

Unlike men, women can never think of another man when they have sex. All their thoughts are occupied exclusively by this person, who is nearby at this moment.

But, as for dreams, then there are differences too. Most of the female population in erotic dreams, dreams of a particular man, and if it’s not a husband or a guy, then a man who certainly occupies a very important place in the heart of a woman. Although some of them are dreaming of their idols or stars of world cinema.

But psychologists say that earlier it was believed that when you dream of a stranger in reality, but in dreams only your man, then he also at that moment sees exactly the same dream. I would like to believe in this coincidence, because the hope of meeting with someone who dreams, never dies.

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