Female Disease Known To Everyone

Probably, there is no such woman who never in all her life has had cystitis.

This disease is quite common, especially in the cold season.

Of course, they suffer most often girls up to the age of thirty and those women who are used to think beauty is more important than comfort and health.

It’s about the fact that young girls do not dress well when autumn comes in the street and the temperature begins to oblige to wear warm clothes. Considering themselves ugly, they prefer light jeans to the very first snow. Although some of them even in winter in frosty weather, manage to dress as if it were summer outside.

This behavior often leads to freezing, and as a consequence, the appearance of cystitis. If you start treatment immediately after the first symptoms, you can avoid more serious problems. But if the cystitis is not treated and not paid attention to it, considering that it will pass itself, you can earn yourself many problems with the female sexual organs, which then have to be solved with the help of injections, or even surgically. So take care of yourself and your health when the cold comes.

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