Favorite Smartphones Must Be Prohibited Use Before Sleeping

Favorite Smartphones Must Be Prohibited Use Before SleepingScientists are just beginning to sound the alarm that the use of smartphones before bedtime, significantly affects human sleep, and also has no benefit to the eyes.

Moreover, it is very dangerous, because almost ninety-five percent of all who look at the screen before going to bed do it in the dark.

And when the side vision does not see Deutschland Probiox Plus anything, the pupil focuses too much on the bright object and collapses.

After several years of daily carrying out such a procedure, a person can lose up to twenty percent of the view.

Therefore, you should pay more attention to what you do before Deeper Ελλάδα στο φαρμακείο bed and how it affects your health. because if there is no way to avoid viewing a bright screen, then you need to at least include a common light. Such simple warnings can protect your eyes and reduce the risk of blindness, not only at a young age, but also after seventy years.

Why Is It Dangerous To Read From A Smartphone?

With the advent of “smart phones” into our lives, printed books have practically lost their value due to the fact that it is much more convenient to load your favorite work into a smartphone and read at any convenient time and anywhere, without additional gravity in the form of a book in your Deeper Deutschland in der Apotheke hands or bag.

Therefore, the majority of the world’s population switched to e-books, not realizing what harm they inflict on their eyes with such reading.

It is especially dangerous to read before going to sleep in the dark, because then your eyes get tired most and can not relax even at the moment when you blink. Doctors strongly recommend not to use smartphones in the dark and especially not to read, because reading can never last a short time.

Usually it drags Deeper France dans la pharmacie on for a long period, which one way or another will harm the eyes. It is always worthwhile to take care of your vision, because it is almost not recovered and can not quickly assume its original form.

In order not to squander your eyesight during the course of your life, you should try to eat healthy foods, especially those that are rich in carotene. It is this substance that can cure and help our eyesight.

It is enough to eat one carrot every day, as your eyes will feel much easier. And this can be an excellent example for imitation of children who always learn from the parents of their habits. So even if not for Deeper Česká v lékárně yourself, then at least for your children, it is worth every day to eat carrots and take care of your eyes. After all, if you approach this question in a disciplined manner, like caring for your vision, then all other components of your health will also be in order. It will be a matter of honor for such a responsible person as you.