Favorite Man Not a Fabulous Hero

How strange it turns out in life when a girl meets her beloved man and he does not look like the fairy-tale hero she dreamed about all her life.

But love, it’s such a feeling, when all other arguments and feelings go to the background, and only tenderness and quivering are left when one looks at the object of adoration.

And if your man is able to reciprocate in the most light sense in your life, then he is already a hero. And you do not need to demand from him knight duels, or other exploits. It will be enough only that he hides you at night, that you would not freeze and every day wonder how you feel and whether you are hungry.

It is very important to have such a friend or husband next to him, because he will never betray and will not be able to leave just because he is bored with you. He can never be bored. He will protect you from all hardships and protect in moments when attacking sad or depressed thoughts. Try not to lose such a person if you ever find him.

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