Fashion Do not Wear Socks Becomes Dangerous

Fashion Do not Wear Socks Becomes DangerousRecently, more often you can see people on the streets of big cities who do not wear socks under their trousers.

This new trendy trend requires you to wear a bare leg and at the same time pump your pants up to the level when you see a naked side bone.

The young generation immediately learned to follow such a trend Mass Extreme Schweiz Kapseln wo zu kaufen of fashion sectors and began to modify this direction in every possible way.

But if on the catwalks in the world fashion houses, the models Member XXL Schweiz Vorher und nachher that demonstrate this innovation are not in sub-zero temperatures, the teenagers also began to use this trend in the winter. Doctors are sure that such a fashion is quite dangerous not only for the skin of the legs, but for the whole organism as a whole.

Why Is It Harmful To Walk Without Socks?

The fact is that putting on socks you thereby protect your feet from the direct impact on them of the material from which the footwear is made.

Thus, those who do not wear socks are much easier to rub the calluses or dropsy, and also injure the delicate skin on the foot surface. Closed and “not breathing” shoes in general wie viel es kostet Eron Plus Schweiz is a huge danger, as inside it bacteria and dirt are collected from the environment and actively developing on the skin of the feet. Hence there is a bad smell, not only inside the shoes, but also on the legs. If we talk about the fact that such a smell is rather poorly derived from shoes, then we can almost completely defend the right to wear socks.

But the greatest harm for the body in this fashion remains viral diseases. After the hypothermia of the lower extremities, this is an obligatory consequence of wearing shoes without socks, especially when the pants are tucked up, and there is a minus air temperature on the street.

This can lead not only Profolan Schweiz Bewertungen to freezing or even the initial degree of frostbite, which will need to be treated exclusively medically, but also to significant impairments on the part of the immune system.

After all, even folk wisdom says that your feet should always be warm, so that people never get sick. This is a prerequisite for immunity to be able to fight for your health with viruses from the environment.

Therefore, trying to follow fashion trends, do not forget to think with your head and choose what will really give you out of the crowd and at the same time it will not African Mango Schweiz wie viel es kostet harm your health. So “without a toe” fashion should not last long on Olympus world fame, because the modern generation of young people has its own opinion, which sometimes contradicts what they are trying to impose on the world’s media network.