Family In Which There is No Happiness

It often happens that two beautiful people meet and start building relationships, but something always goes wrong.

Toli they are too good for each other, toli just want a lot from life, but as a result of family life does not work.

And when they start to live independently and learn new partners, everything seems not so. They constantly compare all subsequent with those who are very firmly ensnared in the soul. It would seem that it prevents these people from living peacefully together and enjoying this family happiness. And the thing is, even very good people can not get along together just because they do not have the ability for that.

After all, building a happy family life is not so easy. You have to sacrifice very much for the sake of the second person. But at the same time to see. That in return you too go unlimited love and happiness.

And if you constantly try for the sake of joint well-being there will be only one person, this can lead to the fact that the family initially will not work. Love and be sure to look for those who will love you.

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