Factors Affecting the Student Progress

Scientists from the University of Wales conducted a study in which 3,000 children took part.

The main purpose of this event was to find out which foods improve brain function and help to easily absorb the school curriculum, which naturally affects learning achievement. They managed to establish that an improvement in memory occurs when there are enough fatty amino acids in the body, such as Omega 3, 6 and 9.

In the course of the experiment it was found that about 30% of the pupils taking part in it do not receive enough of these acids, as a result of which they become diffused, they are more difficult to concentrate, not to mention the memory deterioration.

Omega3 has a positive effect on the nervous system

It was also found that the insufficient amount of these substances adversely affects the behavior of students, because they become more aggressive and less persistent, which often leads to conflicts, both with friends and teachers. To prevent this from happening, experts recommend at least three times a week to include in the diet of marine fish fatty varieties, and this applies not only to children, but also people of different age categories.

Scientists managed to prove that elderly people who prefer a proper diet are less likely to suffer from sclerosis and other diseases associated with memory impairment. In addition to fish, omega fatty acids are found in olive oil, walnuts, legumes, as well as vegetables and fruits.

Do not forget that such products contribute to the strengthening of blood vessels, as well as improve the work of all organs, resulting in increased immunity. In addition to nutrition, you can improve the memory of children through additional activities, such as music or learning foreign languages. Not unimportant factor is that the child during leisure less paid attention to electronic means, preferring sports, walking in the open air, which makes it possible to enrich the blood with additional oxygen, which means improving the work of the brain.

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