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EyesCover – Only 10-15 minutes a day!

– improve ocular microcirculation
– eliminate eye fatigue
– resume the plasticity of ciliary muscle
– prevent vision decline, so it has an efficacy of lightening eye and refreshing brain


Do you work at the computer a lot? Do your eyes get tired of a hard day’s work and overexertion? Have you noticed circles or bags under your eyes? All these problems will help to solve the unique gel eye mask EyesCover. It is a product of modern technology, which was developed with the assistance of specialists from science and medicine. A universal product with a special gel content allows you to perfectly solve a lot of problems that bother you.

Unlike many techniques, mask EyesCover for eyes buy which you can right now, offers the most simple and effective way to deal with many problems. With it, you can achieve excellent results in eliminating wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes, as well as relax the muscles of the face at the end of a hard everyday day. Using a mask is very simple – you need to dress it on your eyes and do not remove it for 15 minutes. During this time, muscles and capillaries will relax, and the skin will return to tone.

EyesCover – Eye Gel Mask

EyesCover against circles under the eyes is a convenient silicone mask that contains inside a special gel and a set of nutrients.

Gel hydroxyethylcellulose has long been used in cosmetology and is valued for its high quality. It is made by the synthesis of cellulose and has a large number of useful properties. For example, this gel is able to effectively retain moisture and maintain a certain temperature for a long period of time. When you wear a mask of EyesCover mask to get rid of bags under eyes, the gel begins to work on the eyes and the skin around them. Due to this effect, the same effect is achieved as after a specialized eye massage. But in this case you can carry out the procedure using a mask at home and without assistance.

In addition to the gel, the mask contains inside the vitamin A – Retinol. This ingredient is very useful for the skin. When interacting with the skin, vitamin A activates the natural production of collagen and prevents peeling.

Vitamin C and seaweed extracts are also on the list of ingredients of this mask. The main task of these components is to smooth out wrinkles and remove bags under the eyes. Even if you are tired or suffering from insomnia, this tool will help you avoid problems with dark circles under the eyes or the appearance of wrinkles.

About mask Eyes Cover reviews is about 95% positive. If you saw a negative feedback, let us know and we will check it. The high efficiency of this product is confirmed by clinical studies and by many well-known physicians. Also it is recommended by the employees of the best cosmetic salons of our country. Thanks to this product, you have an excellent opportunity to provide complete skin care around the eyes without hardware cosmetology, without creams, without tablets and without surgical operation.

Where to Buy Eyes Cover?

There are so many reasons why we recommend all girls buy EyesCover and regularly use it. Here are the main advantages of this product:

  • Useful and natural composition. When you read the entire list of ingredients that make up this mask, you can make sure it’s safe. The product itself is made of natural silicone, does not cause allergies or redness of the skin.
  • Safety for the mucous membrane of the eyes. The mask helps protect the eyes from overexertion and normalize blood circulation. She perfectly copes with its task and does not affect the condition of the mucous membrane of the eyeball.
  • The mask is recommended for those who wear glasses or contact lenses. If you use glasses or wear contact lenses, then you definitely need to order EyesCover price for which it will be quite affordable. This will help protect your eyesight.
  • Required for those who read a lot or work at a computer. If your professional activity is connected to a computer and you spend a lot of time in front of the monitor, you need to order this mask and use it daily. This is a great way to provide a relaxing massage to the eye muscles and to protect yourself from impaired vision.

How do I find how much is EyesCover? The answer to this question can be obtained only on the website of the official manufacturer and seller of this product. Many potential buyers are looking for this mask in pharmacies or in ophthalmological shops. But this product is sold in limited quantities, so you can order it directly from the manufacturer.

The official products of EyesCover United Arab Emirates will be available to you via a direct link from our website. On the product description page you can find out detailed information about it, as well as specify the current price and method of delivery.

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