Eyelashes Magnetic Base

False eyelashes today no one is surprised. However, the beauty industry does not stand still and now a new word combination has appeared – magnetic eyelashes.

American scientists have patented a unique formula that helps the eyelashes to be perfectly attached with a magnetic base. The advantage of them is that they are absolutely hypoallergenic.

Traditional false eyelashes were fixed with synthetic glue, which often caused painful allergic reactions. As for the novelty of the current year – magnetic eyelashes, they provide only an exquisite volume without a negative reaction of the body.

And as the testimonies testify, it is much easier and more convenient to use them. Despite his young age (the invention of 2017), magnetic eyelashes are gaining their fans around the world. Convenient use and exclusion of the need to regularly perform correction, as in the case of accrued cilia, fully provides them with a leading position for those wishing to gain an expressive look.

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