Experts Call the Causes of Appearance of White Hair

If for men the appearance of gray hair in most cases is the norm, then in women, early gray hair causes discomfort, writes

Most experts argue that at the moment scientists can not exactly determine why gray hair appears at an early age.

In this case, in most cases it is associated with genetic predisposition, but there are cases when gray is the cause of some diseases, and one of them is hypothyroidism. In such cases, the thyroid gland, which is responsible for the metabolic process, does not release enough hormones, resulting in symptoms such as the appearance of excess weight, rapid fatigue, dry skin, and early gray hair also appears.

This disease is chronic and not subject to complete cure, but at the time of applying for medical help you can monitor the situation, supporting the normal vital activity of the body.

Early Gray Hair May Appear Because of Anemia

The same happens with anemia, when there is not enough hemoglobin in the blood, which contributes to the provision of oxygen to all cells of the body. In such cases, in addition to rapid heartbeat, often there is numbness of the limbs, headaches and insomnia, as well as changes in hair color. Some diseases related to the work of the heart, for example, problems with the operation of the coronary artery, which is manifested due to clogging of the arteries, restricts the lumen, resulting in worsening of blood circulation.

Scientists managed to find out that people with the same disease have significantly more gray hair than their peers.

It is not a secret to anyone that a lack of vitamins or minerals can lead to a metabolic disorder. With regard to the quality of hair, it first of all worsens, if not in the body lacks vitamin B12, which is mainly derived from food. To restore the deficit of this vitamin, you need to include in the diet of marine fish fatty varieties, liver, cheese, eggs, as well as sour-milk products, preferably farm production, which has a short shelf life, because it contains no chemical additives.

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