Errors That Can Damage Health

Many people do not even suspect that some of the actions they are doing in the kitchen can be harmful to health, and this does not happen immediately, but after a certain period of time.

This became known after the experts gave attention to a few errors that are made daily in the kitchen, and one of them is to take a sample of the product to find out if it is spoiled and whether it is usable.

It is well known that different products differ in the shelf life, and in case of damage, the appearance and smell of food change, so if you notice such changes, it is better to refuse to use them so as not to get poisoned.

It should be remembered that sometimes it is enough to try just a small amount of food.

How to Better Defrost Products

Another mistake that some landladies make is thawing meat or fish, laying them on the table next to the finished product. In such cases, harmful microbes that are on raw foods can be moved to ready meals, after consumption, which can be poisoned. It is not recommended to defrost the food in the microwave oven, as many people are used to doing, and it is a good idea to leave them in the refrigerator, before putting them in cold water.

Before consuming vegetables, fruits and greens, you must thoroughly wash them, preferably under running water, which will allow them to wash off all bacteria from them.

In summer, when the weather is often hot, the kitchen also has a high air temperature, so that ready meals do not quickly spoil, after cooking should not be left for a long time in the cooling room.

The maximum time allowed for this is not more than two hours, because in the future can develop pathogenic bacteria. You can not submit to the table not boiled meat products, fish, eggs, because only with the correct processing of such products will it be possible to avoid poisoning. And another tip, as often as possible, change the sponge for washing dishes, because, as a result of the study, it was possible to find out that the largest number of different bacteria accumulate in it.

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