Edema Under the Eyes Disappear Instantly

If at home, absolutely by accident or by the evil will of fate, there was no cosmetic remedy for swelling under the eyes, you will have to save yourself what is in the refrigerator or in the kitchen.

And sometimes, these simple recipes are much more effective than various creams and face masks.

So, to get rid of puffiness under the eyes, you can apply a long and widely known method, tea lotions. Simply brew tea in a cup, it is possible loose or in bags, and attach cotton wool discs soaked in warm tea on the eyes. Cover with a towel on top and sit for ten minutes. After this procedure, the puffiness should simply disappear.

Another very effective way can be lotions with the help of milk. All the same wadded disks moisten in milk and attach under the eyes. Due to the fact that the temperature of the milk should be cool, keep the cotton discs no more than five minutes, so as not to get inflammation of the eyes.

And at last, there was a cucumber, which not only removes swelling, but also helps to cope with small wrinkles around the eyes. And this is much more interesting from the point of view, skin care.

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