Eat More Greens

Now it is the middle of May, which means that before the ripening of fresh vegetables and fruits, you still need to wait a while.

However, replenish the body with vitamins and other beneficial substances, which during the winter it did not receive in the right amount, it is possible with the help of greenery. Dietitians tell about the benefits of parsley, dill, basil and other green plants, which recommend to include these foods as often as possible in the diet.

In addition to excellent taste, they all have a lot of useful properties, because they contain fiber, minerals, amino acids and other microelements that prevent the occurrence of various diseases.

For example, in the leaves of dill, in addition to vitamins B, R, C, carotene, there is potassium, iron, phosphorus and essential oils, thanks to which you can strengthen the nervous system, get rid of insomnia, and improve mood, quality of hair and skin. In young children, pain and bloating often appear, the decoction of fennel seeds will help to get rid of it, as well as from insomnia, inflammation of the respiratory tract and stomach diseases with low acidity.

Useful Properties of Parsley

No less useful is parsley, which, in addition to the same beneficial properties contains vitamin C, and more than in black currant and lemon. Eating a small bunch of parsley can get a daily rate of this vitamin, and also normalize the pressure and get rid of puffiness, because this herb has diuretic properties.

Decoction of parsley is an effective tool for treating throat with angina, and is also widely used as a cosmetic.

It is not necessary to exclude from this list green onions, which besides vitamins and microelements are rich in zinc, and, as is known, due to lack of it, fragile nails become in the body, hair loss occurs, which also lose its natural shine.

Due to the presence of phosphorus and calcium, green onions improve the condition of the teeth.

As you can see, all greens are very useful, so in the summer season, try to use it as often as possible, and do not howl howl carefully to avoid various intestinal diseases.

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