During the Time of Rest Be Careful in the Ration

Many of us are looking forward to the holiday, during which you can go on holiday to the seaside.

Experts note that every year more and more residents of European countries prefer to visit different countries, including those not members of the EU, during the holidays, and this is not surprising, because the material situation improves. However, in order for rest to have only a positive effect on health, it is necessary to pay special attention to nutrition, refusing to use certain products.

For example, from the meat of exotic animals, which in some countries belong to delicacies, while your body may not absorb it, especially since such meat is often a carrier of certain diseases.

The same applies to drinking tap water, because often it does not meet sanitary standards, so it is better to buy water in supermarkets. Despite the fact that dairy products have a beneficial effect on the work of the whole organism, especially for children, do not forget that such products quickly deteriorate because of the spread of pathogens that cause diarrhea and severe food poisoning.

From Consuming Confectionery Products It’s Better To Refuse

It is also better not to eat cakes, cakes and other sweets with butter cream, because as a result of improper storage, they also quickly deteriorate. And this is not to mention that this product contains a lot of sugar and combined fats, which get into the body, slow down the work of many organs, especially the heart and brain, because they worsen the composition of the blood.

In addition, frequent use of confectionery is one of the causes of diabetes, which, unfortunately, every year, suffers an increasing number of people.

Eggs are one of the useful foods that are recommended for daily use, but it is better to refuse raw eggs because of the likelihood of the presence of Salmonella bacteria. Experts argue that most often vacationers suffer from food poisoning after eating vegetable salads, and the reason for this is that when they are cooked, fresh vegetables are poorly washed.

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