Drowsiness Can Be Observed Not Only With Lack of Sleep

One of the factors influencing the state of health is a dream, because, as lack of sleep, and peresyp can not only worsen the general condition, but also contribute to the emergence of various diseases.

According to statistics, more people suffer from lack of sleep, and this is not surprising, because with such a fast pace of life, there is not enough time for a full-fledged sleep. In addition, many of them like to stay out late at television or computer, as a result of which the whole next day is constantly drowsy.

However, the cause of this condition can be not only lack of sleep due to a violation of the regime, but also a disease such as hypersomnia.

With such a disease, a headache starts in the morning, despite a good night’s sleep, throughout the day you always want to sleep, fatigue and irritability appear, working capacity decreases, which negatively affects the quality of life.

It is worth noting that many people do not even suspect that they have such a disease, but experts say that most often it occurs in people suffering from hypothyroidism, in which the metabolic process slows down due to the disruption of the thyroid gland, which leads not only to to drowsiness, but also to deterioration of the condition of nails and hair.

From Hypersomnia Often Suffer Hypotonics

In addition, people with low blood pressure are prone to hypersomnia, as well as a lack of iron in the body, as indicated by heart rhythm disturbance, pale skin condition and other signs.

In this case, do not forget that chronic drowsiness can be caused by overwork, which is often observed in people engaged in study or work.

Especially it concerns office employees, and also those who during the whole working day are forced to stay indoors, as a result of which the body lacks sufficient oxygen, which also leads to a decrease in both mental and physical activity. And most often drowsiness is observed in rainy weather, due to a lack of vitamin D in the body.

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