Drinking Water May Also Be Dangerous

Scientists from the University of Australia are sure that in all the fresh waters of our planet contain very small particles of plastic.

That these same scientists have conducted experiments with water, which was brought to the laboratory from a variety of sources of fresh water around the world.

And it turned out that in more than eighty percent of the samples, plastic was contained, which could not completely decompose during the decay process.

Therefore, when we start to drink water, it gets to us in the body and accumulates there. But it’s not so scary, according to scientists, how to drink water from water pipes. It’s just worth reconciling with the idea that even in Lake Baikal, you can find microparticles of plastic that have got there from the environment.

None of the existing filters can not cope with such a particle size, so you can not count on them. You can simply refuse to drink hot, and thereby improve the patency of plastic through your body. After all, when you heat water, and microparticles also increase in size, which makes it difficult for them to be eliminated naturally from our body.

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