Dream On Weekends Should Be Same With Weekdays

As it turned out, during the research the influence of the quality of sleep on human health, people who allow themselves to go to bed at weekends and wake up a few hours later than on weekdays, are much more likely to have heart and vascular disease than those who observe a sleep regimen.

According to scientists, you need to strictly monitor the time of going to bed, if you do not want after ten years of this behavior, see a doctor with complaints about the heart.

After all, the veil that a person’s biological clock is difficult to change immediately, introduces the body into a stressful state. After such days off, a person feels more often tired and irritated. His general condition is reminiscent of depression and weakness.

Therefore, if you notice these symptoms, but do not understand their cause, you can now tell yourself with accuracy that it was not the schedule that was at fault. Set a schedule for yourself that will suit you both on weekends and on weekdays. And it is better to wake up in the morning on a day off, you can enjoy the rest than you will feel that you have not had enough sleep.

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