Drawings on the Tableware Can Be Dangerous

A few days ago, the world stirred up the news that scientists had found harmful substances that could threaten human health and life, in paints that are used to apply various patterns on dishes.

Thus, if you want to buy yourself a new service, which you will like very much, try to avoid those on which there is a drawing.

It is very easy to deceive your consciousness if you look at a set of pure crystal or ceramics, which, without the drawing, will look as if they are perfection. Therefore, never forget to take care of your health and pay attention even to such small things as drawing on a plate or cup.

Moreover, all painted dishes are out of fashion for a long time and can only spoil the appearance of your exquisitely sorted table. Watch out for fashionable novelties in the world of dishes, and you will never be muddied by the face in front of your guests. And as it is known, people who come to visit their friends or relatives, necessarily notice everything that they do not so lies or costs, and kitchen sets in general first come to their eyes.

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